Sunday, February 05, 2006

Latest Reviews For Terrascope On-Liine

Here are links to some of my latest scribings on new releases for the Terrascope UK site:

Fursaxa CD "Amulet" on Last Visible Dog
Spiral Joy Band CD "Lullabies for Jeff Dean" on VHF

Random quote from the Spiral Joy Band review:

'Lullaby 2' is insanely long at nearly 42 minutes, evolving from the deep
listening trance space created by Gangloff's esraj, to some Last Chord at the
End of the Universe action as furious percussion and shrieking shenais push the
track over the edge of sanity, and an infinite number of howler monkeys toss
their typewriters out of their trees in admiration and sympathy. By its
conclusion, most listeners' nerve endings are quite possibly going to be arcing
like downed power lines.


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