Monday, May 07, 2007

Major Press Love for Tanakh's "Saunders Hollow"!

What they said!

"Lush with strings, vibraphone, and Campbell's ethereal backing vocals, this gorgeous track kicks off the Poulos era with a prolonged, ecstatic sigh, the full group carried along by the song's supple currents for seven time-collapsed minutes." From the 7.5 scored Pitchfork Review

" Saunders Hollow explores an aesthetic of restrained, mysterious beauty, a combination of a processional and a stately and poised collapse." From the 4-star All Music Guide Review

"Like a barefoot stroll through tall, soft grass on a lazy Summer afternoon." Ptolemaic Terrascope

" Hot on the heels of its acclaimed "Ardent Fevers" record, Tanakh releases its “sister” Saunders Hollow, which focuses on member Michele Poulos’ acid folk pop, rather than leader Jesse Poe’s psychedelic ruminations. Poulos’ songs are simply lovely, with singing to match. And if the band is following its usual improvisational tack, it must be the most sympathetic group of musicians ever, as every arrangement is tasteful and supportive of Poulos’ vision. “Longer Than Sorrow,” the rocked-up “Kept” and “Marcel Proust” are divinely pretty, emotionally filling and damned irresistible. Saunders Hollow is one of the nicest surprises and Tanakh one of the freshest discoveries I’ve made in a long time." High Bias Web Zine


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