Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Latest Reviews for Terrascope On-Line

Here are links to some of my latest scribings on new releases for the Terrascope UK site:

The Clear Spots CD "Mansion in the Sky" on Deep Water
Phosphene CD "The Plum, the Orange and the Matchbox" on Secret Eye

Random quote from the Clear Spots review:

Beer, bong and barbeque are probably the main influences on the stomping
'Mud Boots', which sounds like some dazed 70s mid-Western garage psychonauts
worshipping at the font of Sabbath while cutting their soon-to-be-lost private
pressing. It has a spectacularly saturated sound that rewards high volume
listening (the sessions were recorded on a good old cassette portastudio).
'Three Dignitaries' is typical of the whole, ploughing a furrow of drone while
occasionally switching of the engine to admire pastoral surrounds. It's damn
near bucolic.


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