Monday, July 10, 2006

New Reviews for Ptolemaic Terrascope On-Line

Latest reviews for Ptolemaic Terrascope On-line:

Joesphine Foster's "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" on Locust
Tanakh's "Ardent Fevers" on Alien8 Recordings
Nick Castro & The Young Elders "Come Into Our House" on SAAH
Buffalo's "Dead Forever" on Aztec Records

Random quote generator, from the Tanakh review:

Centrepiece 'Still Trying to Find You Home' conjures with Townes Van Zandt melancholy before exploding into ragged Crazy Horse glory. Gratuitous soloing has never sounded so central to the heart of the matter. Elsewhere, 'Winter Song' is elegant UK-style folk rock co-written with Terrascope touchstone and Kitchen Cynic Alan Davidson, and 'Take and Read' pulls out all the stops for and epic piece that takes a folk motif and builds layer on layer of instrumentation on it before again erupting into the twin guitar beard-rock stratosphere.


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