Thursday, May 18, 2006

Veronica Mars Renewed

So, miracles do happen, there is a Santa Claus and an Easter Bunny, and we'll be getting a third season of Veronica Mars, albeit one with a ticking-time bomb of a perfomance-based existence clause embedded in its chest. Considering the (albeit highly intriguing and watchable) mess that was the second season's through-mystery I'd say they dodged an entire automatic pistol clip full of bullets. The concluding - resolving- episode rushed to a goth-noir psychodrama of a climax that seemed to exist sui generis rather than as an outcome of what had been set up before, and I wasn't convinced by Beaver as the psychopath, though don't doubt that there were signals of underlying psycho-sexual problems earlier in hi relationship with Mac. The thing with the plane bomb and with Keith's highly predictable escpae from that seemed cheesy and overplotted. But then the theme of the season seemed to be that too much plot is never enough.

On the good side, pretty amazing continuity throughout, sets up in Season 1 paid off in Season 2, and there are few series that make me use so much of my cognition to keep track of everything. They need to make better use of their strengths in Season 3, like the underused Fank Capra Jr (Weevil) and phase out the problematic and unconvincing Wallace (sorry man), unless they have a decent arc planned for him, and his acting chops can carry it off - not optimistic! Bring back Duncan, there is no way he looks like he is in Australia.

College Years...bring it on.


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