Sunday, October 28, 2007

Christian Kiefer and Jefferson Pitcher CD Reviews!

Check out what the press are saying here:

All Music Guide (4-Stars)
Ptolemaic Terrascope On-Line

Praise by Broken Face blog: "Christian Kiefer and Jefferson Pitcher’s To All Dead Sailors (Camera Obscura) is a concept album of sorts that explores the mysteries of the sea. Acoustic and electric instruments are combined with field recordings to create a wide palette of oceanic colors. We get the sonic equivalent to its brutality and we get the hard-explained beauty of the crashing sea in its eternal struggle to create physical shapes beyond the world of imagination. But most of all we get tracks that overflow with longing over people lost at sea or people being away from home for too long. It’s an intriguing sonic document that goes from airy fogbanks of sound experiments to graceful, soft-spoken, folk-tinged melancholia with impressive ease. This is one of those hushed, heart aching, and utterly timeless moments when the sum indeed is greater than its parts."

And forthcoming from Dream Magazine: "Christian Kiefer and Jefferson Pitcher To All Dead Sailors (Camera Obscura) Oceanic sounds, water, waves and low spectral traces of instrumental illumination glimpsed through the sea spray begins and ends things. Acoustic guitar deep and resonant, while a fellow softly speaks in Spanish and English as a soft singer carresses a song about a lonely sailor so far from home. Subtle, soft spoken but gently resolute. Sweetly sad story songs, hallucinatory dreamy visions, ambient fogbanks overflowing with cool menace, melancholic prayers, lovely instrumentals and doomed soul’s laments. Shifting from folk-tender, to darkly haunting memories or imaginings. Wind-tossed soundscapes turn into warm family reunions in paradise. Whether Astrolabe was written just to use such a great word in a song or not, may never be known, but it’s a charming chiming thing one way or another. The title track is a sublime sorrowful ballad, but it’s all thematically unified in it’s deep blue hue."


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