Sunday, February 26, 2006

Goths Give Fell CD Thumbs Up!

Check out Gothtronic Web Review here.

Fell from Colorado is the side project of Josh Wambeke, also known of the
spaecrock outfit Phineas Gage. The music of Fell is dreamy psychedelic pop. The
songs are experimental, mostly electronic but very atmospheric, with all sorts
of subtle additions. Furthermore they have a nice and warm guitarsound and
strong hints towards wave-doom bands like Spiritualized, Joy Division or The
Cure during the Distintegration times. Their spirit wanders through the music of
Fell without being able to exactly put your finger on it. Spacepop wouldn’t be
such a bad description for the music of Fell. The echoeing and reverb
guitarsound and dreamy vocals give the electronics a totally different feel and
effect. This is one of those lovely records you will spin on a lost Sunday
afternoon. So i will have another listen to this record again now.

Thanks Teknoir!


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