Saturday, April 22, 2006

More Details on Christian Kiefer Project

Lots of information on the upcoming Camera Obscura CD here, including high-resolution MP3s of a couple of tracks.

I'll get around to updating the actual Camera Obscura site over the next few days. Gotta figure out some timelines, release dates and so on.

Christian Kiefer CD

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. Hard at work on various projects, inclduing the next Camera Obscura CD "Czar Nicholas is Dead" by Christian Kiefer. We've admired the lad for some time, and are honored to be releasing this disc, which is minimalist and sound-scapey along the lines of his earlier work "Exodust". Hopefully this project will be the first of a series with Christian. For those not familiar with his thing, go here and poke around with a stick:

We've finished up the graphics now, and will put the CD in to manufacture next week. Always a fun time - seeing how things turn out. Here's the front cover.

More soon.

Fell CD Getting Some Love

Some nice reviews out there of CAM074CD. This is our favourite:

Steve Rybecki, you are a legend.