Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lucky Bishops CD Now Available for Mail Order

Here are details of our latest release, the third slice of magnificent UK psych-pop from Dorset's finest, and the first on Camera Obscura. If you like the Green Pajamas, Dipsomaniacs or Lazily Spun, this release may be for you!

Artist: The Lucky Bishops
Title: Unexpect the Expected
Cat No: CAM076CD (13 tracks, 51:21 mins)
About the band: British pop-psych magicians The Lucky Bishops have been together for over ten years and have released two prior, critically acclaimed, albums on the Bevis Frond's Woronzow label (Rubric in the US) – a self-titled debut (2000) and "Grimstone" (2002). They've played at Terrastock festivals in London and Boston, SXSW in Austin Texas, shows in New York including CBGB’s, as well as many gigs at Alan McGee’s Poptones nights in Notting Hill in London and have toured Europe extensively. As Trouser Press put it: "the quartet of Luke Adams, Rich Murphy, Tom Hughes and Al Strawbridge come not from one of the urban centers of cool Britannia but from rural Dorset in the West Country. Their hook-laden blend of power-pop and neo-psychedelia pays close attention to the unfashionable concept of musicianship and shows an unfashionable range of influences that look beyond the often homogeneous and parochial sounds of the time."

About the album: It's been a long time between drinks for fans of the eclectic UK psychedelic/power-pop band The Lucky Bishops, but the lads' self-produced third album ‘Unexpect the Expected’ is now ready to storm the planet after a lengthy gestation period in the Dorset countryside. Inspired by the experience of living together in a haunted, rat infested, coastal cottage for four years, the band have written a collection of songs drawing on power-pop ("London Lounge", "Out of the Hole"), psych-pop ("The Cake and the Crumbs", "Old Women Laugh", "The Witches"), folk-rock ("K2", "No Worries") and even Tropicalia ("Guia de Conversacion") to create the unique blend found on this album. Recording on 8-, 16- and 24-track, the band have deployed their usual psych-pop/harmony foundations but added extra dimensions to the sonic weave to create deeper, more visceral structures. Typical of past releases, the Lucky Bishops split the song writing and lead vocals four ways over an instrumental palette of Hammond organ, piano, chiming valve driven guitars, glutinous bass and flowing and tumbling drums. It's unlikely a finer psych-pop record will be released this year.

Track List: Out of the Hole - The Pilot's Gone - Guia de Conversacion – Witches – Stives - London Lounge - Cake and the Crumbs - Upon the Mount - I Must Destroy My Brain - K2 - Old Women Laugh - The Leaves - No Worries

Richard Murphy: Guitar, lead vocals on four tracks.
Tom Hughes: Keyboards, lead vocals on three tracks.
Alan Strawbridge: Bass, lead vocals on four tracks.
Luke Adams plays Drums, lead vocals on two tracks.

Press for previous LB releases:

"This stunning classic-pop debut offers so much" – Mojo
"Sublime, melodic pop" – Magnet
"Upbeat, pulsating, innovative and brilliant" - Classic Rock Magazine

Check out MP3s: Go to and select "Sounds" from the menu.

Price US$15.00/AU$22.00 including shipping. Paypal to or email us at for other options.

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