Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Black Sun Ensemble CD Cover Art

Coming Soon - New Black Sun Ensemble CD "Bolt of Apollo"

Camera Obscura Records is proud to celebrate Black Sun Ensemble's 20th anniversary with the release of their 11th studio release, "Bolt of Apollo". A mostly instrumental album, "Bolt of Apollo" effectively fuses the sun-baked, raga-esque qualities of the Ensemble with other influences ranging from British Invasion, progressive rock and ambient music. As always, the common thread is the electrifying guitar work of Jesus Acedo.

Recorded and mixed at SlowBurn studios, Black Sun Ensemble takes another giant step forward with this all instrumental recording. Members of Tucson's Sun Zoom Spark return with guitarist/honcho Jesus Angel del Paz (a.k.a. BSE founder Jesus Acedo) to follow up 2003's "Starlight" CD. In addition to the returning line-up, Bolt of Apollo features power-house drummer Ernie Mendoza and some guitarwork by former Sidewinder's guitarist, Rich Hopkins.
The material presented in "Bolt of Apollo" is extraordinary. From the middle-eastern meditations of "The Shining One" and "The Mecurial Incense of Melquiades" to the progressive explosiveness of "Heart of the Master" and "Scarlet Woman", to the ethnic-rock fusion of "St. Cecilia", "Bolt of Apollo" showcases fiery performances from the Ensemble while, as always, featuring mind-blowing fret work by guitar wizard Acedo. This synthesis of styles led one writer for the Austin Chronicle to describe Black Sun Ensemble as "...absolutely, amazingly, singular in the world of rock music."

"Bolt of Apollo" is also an enhanced CD with a video encoded onto each disc to be played in any PC or Macintosh computer. The video for "Jewel of the Seven Stars" from the "Starlight" CD, was directed by former Cesare's Dog vocalist Jonathan Levitt and shot on location in Beijing China.

Artwork for the release was created by Chicago artist Ben Johnston. The layout tells the story of the Daphne who is kidnapped by the trickster Baphomet. The sun-god Apollo hears her cries for help and vanquishes Baphomet with an arrow, the Bolt of Apollo. Before Baphomet dies, he curses Apollo with an eclipse -turning the sun black. The layout also features poetry by Acedo to accompany each track of the album.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Reviews of Christian Kiefer CD!


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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Winter at C-O Acres

Finally got images to upload again. Damn VSAT broadband. A recent snap up the front drive at sunrise: